The Digital Domino

Digital Domino

We’re releasing Daryll’s Digital Domino (DDD) at Maker Faire at the CrashSpace booth in the Hackerspace area in Fiesta Hall.

What’s a digital domino? It’s an electronic toy. You lay out a line of digital dominoes and then knock them down by pressing the button on the first one. Each one then knocks down the next by sending an infrared pulse.

We’re giving them away at the show for people who want to solder one up. We’re also selling kits containing four dominoes for $20 (tax included). If you bought one of the kits at Maker Faire here are the build DDD Build Instructions.

The digital domino is designed to be hacked. Come back to the site after this weekend and we’ll post some ideas to get you started.

Enjoy the dominoes!

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