About the Digital Domino

Digital Dominoes can be set up in patterns and virtually “knocked down” by pressing the button of the first domino. That lights the LED on the first domino, and triggers the second to light up, which triggers the third, etc.

The dominoes work by sending a pulse of infrared light which is received by the next domino. Once it stops being received the next domino turns on its IR LED and visible LED to signal any following dominoes.

The range is between 6″ and 12″. Just like regular dominoes you can create complicated patterns by making the dominoes spread out down multiple paths. Digital Dominoes have several advantages over real dominoes.

  • You never have to stand them up
  • They can be spread out over wider distances
  • They aren’t limited by gravity and can be attached to walls
  • They can be placed in a loop to cause a repeating pulse
  • They are designed to be hacked and modded

Each domino is made up of 14 parts and can soldered in about half an hour by following the instructions.

The inspiration for the Daryll’s Digital Domino came from Randy Elwin’s LeDominoux that he submitted for the 555 Timer contest.

I hope you enjoy building and playing with your digital domino.


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